Lipstick HC99730

Goddess clicks,

her face slid smoothly over his–

he peeled slowly but

her eyes still fell away.


No pantemime movement

in the eyes

as the empty sockets conversed,

agreed upon his slime and ooze–

as his velcro stare

filled the void.


Pretty cannibal,

handsome cannibal–

filthy roses on his breath,

stretches tendons in elastic grieving–


not really.


Dusts scattered,

walked the tightrope–

fine line between particle and crunch,

as he reached for her lipstick–

number for a name,

factory number–

no fame.


Wax renditions,

shade of black on skin traction–

bottom lip dangles, pouty,

now you’re lovely–

pretty killer,

sexy killer–

tension without a lover.

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