Scared and Salaence

You prepare my makeup,

charcoal forgiveness on

tainted, tasteless fingertips–

address the hairs

that dive and hide on my neck.


My corner and cage

receive more sustenance

than your scorched throat,

marked with esophageal acids

and prayers.


Start with my lips,

watch the skin fold into itself

like trains collapsing on Hallow’s Eve,

their stretch across the marshes of night

nothing more than a struggle.


Focus on my eyes,

their kaleidoscope of greens and crevices

too sincere for your paint

of design and worthless word.


Scare me with your masks of

rubber, tainted agony,

smear their flexibility and rape-wolf teeth

against my naked body–

watch trembles like music,

broken to the ears–

wax notes,


Fear me as I fear you…


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