Submerged in gallons you are,

waters edging on heart attack–

sipping off the wrinkles in your neck.


Pruny prude,

walk on ripples you wish you could–

instead your air pockets

eat you from floating skirt up,

and you lick the chapters from your lips.


Bulbous lights flicker above the pungency

in molded rendition,

ode to the way you’ll die

and haunt me.


So, landscape or portrait on gradient land?

How will you sprawl,

between sewer wall and rat song?


You lick the chapters from your lips…

3 thoughts on “Appendium

  1. HBA Welcome Wagon…

    Wanted to let you know, you part of the Alliance. Please stop by and check to make sure your link is correct. Remember to say Thank You and feel free to visit the other HBA Members.

    Also if you have “CAPTCHA” on, you might want to turn it off… people hate it, okay I hate it…. last thing turn the music to not auto-play, it will turn people off..

    Jeremy [Retro]
    Visit The Madness:
    Oh, No Let’s Get CRAZY!
    HBA Curator

    • You can go ahead and remove my blog from the Alliance, as I don’t appreciate strangers, or anyone ordering me to change things on my blog. Trust me, your “Alliance” isn’t that important to me. Also, don’t post comments like this on my poetry, ever.

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