Battery Displacea

On this bashful equinox;
synchronize opera and soaps
to cleanse deoxy error–
rival the fauna margins between scope and reflection,
in this perfect home.

Thin lizards;
the archetype of oddity and burst–
line the cripples and cracks of their bathtub
as opposite prototypes linger
and stretch upon faded, floral carpet.

Lady assesses her birthmark during rest;
wonders if twin basks in harsh glow of tin heart–
takes time to prepare for malfunction
beneath genuine steam and angry water,
takes a connected, perky breath.

Born-again ghouls fill the bubbles and holes;
between the water and solitude
as bleach radiates from her pores.

Illusory sweets parallel the minerals on the walls;
agro her opposite to where she dwells–
amid envious perspiration
battery acid cries,
forces lady’s feminine flesh into derogatory wither.

Horns of luminosity, length, and bitter;
violate from the catacombs of scalp–
cherish pungent hair,
shatter mirror’s dusk and pipe’s channels
as water heats twice over,
boils lovely lady–
her waves of ribbons and curls.

On this bashful equinox;
dare cleanse deoxy error…

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