Bones of Brittany has Gone Fishin’ (or, For Those Who Don’t like Fishing–a Long Hiatus)

Hello there, fantastic followers!

I know that I haven’t been updating my content recently, but that’s because I have some exciting news to share! I have begun pursuing a shiny, new endeavor, and it requires a lot of scheduling on my end. I am now managing my own column through the amazing Literary Orphans journal (check it out, here:

The column is called Carousel Lit, and, although it hasn’t gone live just yet, it will soon. It will feature edgy, innovative literary criticism essays (some of which take me a week or more to compose, ha.) Also, even though I’m not a social media fanatic, I’ve climbed out from underneath my rock and created a Twitter for the column. It would certainly make me a happy camper if any of you decided to swing by and offer a follow, maybe check out the column. @Carousel_Lit

With that being said, I will definitely continue to return here each week just to read your wonderful entries. (I always enjoy them, after all!)

I am grateful for the support you have all provided in following me here, it always means the world to me.

Warmest wishes,


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